Terms of Service

Terms of Service

This Terms of Service defines the terms of using services of the Farm Paweł Korfanty through the Service.
The administrator of personal data is Gospodarstwo Rolne Paweł Korfanty z siedzibą w 36-207 Grabownica Starzeńska 523 NIP 6861571693 REGON 366867675

§ 1. General terms
A Buyer may be any natural person with capacity of legal action, legal person or organizational unit with no legal personality, hereinafter referred to as the Customer. The Administrator of personal data processed in relations to these Terms of Service is the Seller. Personal data is processed for the goals, respect and based on the rules indicated in the privacy policy published on the site. Providing personal data is voluntary. All submitted offers are non-obligatory depending on availability of seedings.

Orders made must be confirmed by the seller. If the buyer fails to submit a written resignation within 7 days before the agreed date of delivery, an order is considered valid according to the rules of confirmation. Purchase terms, confirmations of order or any other terms of sale which are not compliant with our terms of sale and delivery will not be accepted.

Order submission procedure is not applied when the Customer submits order orally at the Farm’s office provided that the Farm agrees and immediately starts to process an order.

§ 2. Prices and payment terms
As part of an order, the buyer is required to pay advance payment. Any payments in respect of purchase of Goods are made by the Customer in the Polish currency (or foreign – for export sales). The Seller reserves the right to process an order for advance payment.

If the buyer’s financial situation is deteriorated, the Seller reserves the right to secure its receivables related to the order. In case of buyer’s inactivity, the seller may withdraw from the contract and apply for compensation.
In case of late payment, at latest 30 days from issuing an invoice or receipt of goods, statutory interest will be collected.

§ 3. Shipping and packaging
Transport is done at the buyer’s cost and risk. If the date of shipping is delayed at buyer’s fault, any risks related to the late receipt of plants are transferred for receipt to the buyer. The Seller agrees to pack the goods properly. Each item – marking of types will be properly described on packaging.
Transport insurance will be agreed only on express request and cost of the buyer.
For one-time packaging, the buyer pays a fee as agreed with the seller. The delivery includes no discharge of goods.

§ 4. Obligation of delivery
In case of any natural disasters such as frost, drought, hail, flood, air vortex or other that occurred not at seller’s fault (any strikes, changes of currency and other obstacles preventing school operation), the delivery data is extended until an obstacle is removed. If from the above reasons, delivery is impossible, the seller is exempted from the obligation. Any claims for damages from the buyer will not be accepted.

§ 5. Sizes and models
Any plant sizes published on the website may diverge by about 15% from up to bottom and these differences are acceptable for natural products and are not quality issues. The plants shown present the average characteristics typical for given types. Not all plants must be the same as the presented model.

§ 6. Reserved property
The goods delivered remain the seller’s property until the total payment is made, that is until the buyer has paid all the liabilities (with interest, etc.).
The Seller loses no right to delivered plants also when the Buyer has planted or in any other way stores the delivered plants on its or a foreign site.
Reserved goods (unpaid) must be stored properly, watered, earthed, founded, marked so that it is easy recognized by the seller. If the buyer confuses types of plants while discharging, the seller is not liable.

§ 7. Warranty and guarantee
The Buyer accepts the plants in the condition on the delivery. The Buyer becomes liable for seedings upon their receipt. The Seller assumes that the Buyer will care for the plants according to the rules of care for a given plant species (watering, proper planting depth, type of soil, soil preparation, fertilization, nurture cutting).